To contact our Client Service, please call +800 648 64800 from Monday through Sunday, 8 to 21 (KST) or fill out the form below. We are at your complete disposal for assistance or any questions.


The personal data collected by Prada Korea LLC (hereinafter, the “Company”) is set forth below.

1. Items to be Collected
Title, last name and first name, e-mail address, location, phone number, language, details of conversations.

2. Purpose of Collection and Use
Responding to your requests sent to client service.

3. Period of Retention and Use

Seven (7) years from the last date of interaction with the Prada Group unless otherwise required to be retained in accordance with other laws and regulations.

4. Right to Refuse, etc.
You have the right to refuse the collection and use of your personal data as set forth above. However, if you refuse, we will not be able to respond to your requests.